Integrated Marketing and Social Media Projects

The following examples illustrate the scope of our work …

I hired Allen to perform PR, marketing, and social media activities for my Exploring Social Media Business Summit in Toledo, Ohio in May 2011. The event was an outstanding success and it was largely due to Allen’s hard work and contribution to the effort. She went above and beyond, securing media coverage and partnerships I hadn’t thought possible, was always willing to dig deeper and do more and was incredible to work with. Excellence is the word I think of when I think of Allen. She is excellent”.  Jason Falls, social media expert, and co-author of No Bullshit Social Media:  The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing

Exploring Social Media Toledo Business Summit

Managed in-market public relations, social media, and marketing for inaugural business summit led by social media expert, Jason Falls.

Results: The Exploring Social Media Toledo Business Summit was sold to capacity and enthusiastically reviewed by attendees as a complete success. Secured local and regional partnerships as well as electronic, print and social media pre and post-event media coverage. The event has evolved to encompass a multi-city series of business summits throughout the United States.

Marco’s Pizza

Conducted social media audit on current activity and perceptions in the market. Developed social media marketing strategy to promote pizza chain and its franchise opportunities. Provided social media training to the team/consulted on the initial implementation of social media strategy and monitoring.

Results: Facebook page grew to 65K fans during our tenure and is used to drive traffic to the website and to local stores.

Carruth Studio

Developed and implemented social media marketing and public relations strategy. Trained team and developed social network profiles. Managed blog development and content creation for blog and social network profiles.

Results: 40% increase in traffic to website/Facebook as No.1 referral source/ blog as the No.5 referral source. Carruth Studio was included on national news listing and online map of American Made products.

Unison Behavioral Health Group

Developed and implemented social media marketing and public relations strategies for multiple public awareness campaigns. Provided coaching and training to team/content creation/media relations.

Results: Organization was awarded new funding for 2-year public awareness campaign. Generated 42 million social media impressions for 2010 and 2011 campaign. Garnered local electronic and print media coverage multiple times for each campaign

Western Wisconsin Regional Hospital

Created social media and public relations strategy to use social networks to promote and build attendance for inaugural healthcare technology summit.

Results: Healthcare technology summit was filled to capacity and garnered pre and post-event print and electronic media coverage. The campaign generated 343,996 social media impressions and reached more than 45,857 people.

Additional Projects

  • Created indirect marketing program to increase physician referrals for physical rehabilitation. The program exceeded goals five out of seven years.
  • Developed corporate identity programs and new product introduction programs for plastics, early childhood education, technology, and non-profit sectors.
  • Developed and implemented strategic marketing PR plans for promotion of professional services in non-profit consulting, healthcare, events management, financial planning, and human resources consulting.
  • Conducted annual membership sales mystery shoppers survey for YMCA from 2000- 2003.
  • Strategic marketing public relations communications for national healthcare information technology firm. Coordinated production and content creation for corporate identity program, tagline and mission statement, trade show display and support materials, B2B capabilities brochure, sales sheets, trade publication articles, cases studies, news releases and print advertising.
  • Marketing strategy and planning for physical rehabilitation firm. Managed production and content development for capability brochures, presentations, website, print and radio advertising, special events, displays, publicity and internal communications programs.
  • Created content for B2B capabilities brochures, direct mail, sales support materials, trade publication articles and news releases for environmental risk management firm, wireless emergency stop manufacturer, database developer, technology firm, and computer services firm.
  • Coordinated development of logos and corporate identity programs for clients in industries ranging from technology to non-profit.