1. Excellent advice, I had no idea.

    • Allen Mireles says:

      Thanks, Erin. I was surprised that Facebook hasn’t notified its user base. I know there’s a percentage of tech savvy users who will find this information fairly basic and not new, but there are many, many of us who use technology and haven’t given this a lot of thought. Thanks for commenting.

    • @irishis98 Thanks for the reply, Erin.

  2. thanks for letting people know about my post and the step-by-step advice I learned the hard way.

    Facebook, with one billion users, has a responsibility to its members to do much better to protect us.

    The Facebook Security center is certainly not encouraged by Facebook. I had to dig down several levels to find that it even exists.

    Facebook should have sent out a warning email telling people their accounts may have been compromised. Instead, they swept the issue under the rug. Unacceptable.

    My big prediction for 2012 is that Facebook is over. It’s peaked, And now its arrogance is going to come back and bite it.

    • @whatsnext Thank you for taking the time to write the Facebook update and post and to spell out the steps we need to take to safeguard our accounts. I think many of us are just moving so fast that we don’t stop and think this through. Your post made me sit up and pay attention, even though some of the information was not new. I remain appalled that Facebook has not addressed this with its user base and thought adding my post might help us get the word out tour networks.

  3. This is excellent; tips everyone needs to be constantly reminded about. Thanks, and I’ll send this upstairs to Twitterdom and FB to share!

    • @Soulati | PR That’s great news, thanks. I think if we all share this information with our networks we could possibly help someone out. Again, credit to B.L. Ochman for updating us after her harrowing experience.

  4. So then… cry like a small child is not one of the answers? :)

    j/k Great post.

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