It’s the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend. A lot of people have already left the office to start their long weekend. Brilliantly sunny outside and I’m having trouble concentrating on writing about a a serious topic. So I share, in case you haven’t seen it, Social Media Revolution (parody) created by The Poke and @madeupstats.

I have been a fan of Erik Qualman’s Social Media Revolution video since the first time I saw it. It’s a fabulous tool to use in client meetings, presentations and meetings with prospects. Social Media Revolution is short, impactful and the numbers blow your socks off. (Even the numbers in the older version).

I read Erik’s book, Socialnomics, several years ago, enjoyed, found it informative and have recommended it ever since. If you haven’t read the book, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t seen the the original Social Media Revolution, you can find a short version of it here and the most recent and updated version here.

image of social media revolution parodyThe parody is fun and silly. Certainly, as a Facebook friend commented yesterday, there will be people who see this and use it as evidence to support their dim view of social media in general, social media statistics in particular and who knows what else. There are still many people who do not accept that social media isn’t a fad. Many people, some in influential positions within their organizations, who don’t understand the impact these tools have had, and are having. So many people coming to the web and to social media and social networking every day–for the first time. It’s true.

For the newcomers, the parody video? A parody. Skillfully done and entertaining. I was pleased to see that Erik Qualman had commented that he thought so too.

What do you think? Share it with your networks and see what they say. Do you need help adding social media to your marketing and public relations mix? We can help. Give us a call at 419.740.1262 or email us at


And then, take a moment, as I will, in celebration of Memorial Day itself, to give thanks to our nation’s veterans: those who are with us and those who have left us with their memories. We are grateful for your service.

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The video Social Media Revolution Parody courtesy of The Poke and @madeupstats

Writer: Will Rolls
Designer/Animator: Iain Armstrong
Producer: Jasper Gibson
Music: ‘Extremity’ – Barrie Gledden / Kes Loy