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How Media Training Could Have Saved Five Olympic Athletes

Media training, long considered a mainstay of public relations, is more important today than ever before, but must include the appropriate use of social media.

Recently, no fewer than five Olympic athletes have demonstrated poor judgement in their online communications, several of which resulted in harsh penalties.

British cyclist, Bradley Wiggins, showed poor judgment in tweeting about his partying after winning […]

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Protecting Your Online Reputation? You’d Better Be!

Protecting your online reputation has never been more important than it is today–for all of us. As the world races to the web to search for information, what people say about you is readily accessible and easily shared. Positive reputations, painstakingly built over time, can be quickly damaged or tarnished.

As Warren Buffet has said, “It takes […]

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Feeling Complacent? Here’s How to Get Out of Your Social Media Comfort Zone

Every social media campaign hits a “comfortable” stage. This is the point where you’ve pretty much mastered how social media works and you’ve already managed to garner a respectable number of fans and followers.  Gone are the days of begging for likes, hustling for traffic, and stressing out about your next social media gimmick.

Being in […]

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Are We Too Old For Social Media–Or Not Old Enough?

When my Dad passed away in November 2011 I stopped dying my hair. The gray strands are starting to show. Makes it hard to pass for 25, or 35–or even 45 these days. “So,” you wonder. “What does this have to do with social media, integrated marketing or even business in general?”

Not much. And yet, […]

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