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Social Media Marketing Is More Than Facebook And Twitter.

This guest post is written by Michael Dolen, founder and CEO of the popular online forum,

What’s social media? Most of us think of Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even LinkedIn. However there’s something else that falls into this category: forums/message boards. Because they’ve been around since the dawn of the internet, they’re not nearly as hyped… […]

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Social Media: Leaving 2011 and Heading Into 2012

How will we remember 2011? A year filled with huge change on a global, local and personal level. Social media played an integral part and continues to impact our lives–in ways we don’t always stop to think about. Social media tools are developing and evolving at breakneck speed, presenting incredible opportunity and risk at the […]

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An Unexpected Use of Facebook–Or Is It?

The other night I was immersed in my work when my 17 year old came into the office. One look at his face told me it was an emergency. And it was. He had just learned of the murder of one of his friends.


He was devastated.


What I find disturbing is that he found out […]

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