About Jesse Mireles

Jesse Mireles is a graphic artist with more than thirty years experience in graphic design and marketing. His work has been honored with a wall full of awards for brochures to logos, to displays and TV spots. These include national and international awards. Several logo brand designs have been published in the globally prestigious Logo Lounge International Identity Books and the Masters Series.

Jesse Mireles is a highly seasoned, professional designer who produces designs that make powerful impact for marketing and education to targeted and general audiences. His qualifications are severalfold. He studied graphic design and art since he was in high school and continued his studies in college at the University of Toledo. His work experience in graphics and marketing includes working in design studios and marketing agencies, for a large Fortune 500 company and local government.

For the past 23 years Jesse has provided graphic design services for our clients. Jesse’s approach to design is to first, work to find a way to meet the client’s needs. He achieves this by getting a clear understanding of the nature of the company, it’s products and services, it’s goals and objectives and the clients’ vision for the future.

Jesse always works to get a good profile of the company or organization before starting a project to make sure that the final design is unambiguous and that it will get the job done at a very high level. At the start, he always asks for opinions and questions related to the design process. He wants to know as much as possible about the target audience, with as much detail as can be given. His objective is always to solve communication problems and to reach the target audience.

More important than awards is that our clients are happy with the solutions that he develops. Jesse’s designs are always direct, compelling and dynamic, designed to be attractive today, tomorrow and far into the future. His work is designed to have longevity, that will have a strong brand presence way beyond today’s needs.

Branding is a big issue in marketing and there’s a lot of work being done to “build brand” as an essential part of every company’s marketing efforts. Jesse believes that the place to start to build a successful brand is with great design, beginning with a logo brand that clearly and simply sets the foundation for all marketing campaigns and promotion initiatives.