iStock_000006894955XSmallToday is, once again, #FollowFriday on Twitter and I have just spent a little bit of time putting together my Halloween #FollowFriday recommendations. I used the Twitter List function this time. You can follow my Halloween #FollowFriday list here.

“Why do Twitter users spend time on #FollowFriday?” you wonder.

Good question.

Many of us enjoy recommending tweeple we find add value: to our lives or to the Twitter community, to new Twitter users…or just because. Some tweeple have invented very creative ways of sharing their recommendations. @MarionChapsal, for example, creates beautiful mind maps with categories of people she recommends for #FollowFriday. Others send endless tweets filled with the Twitter IDs to follow. Some use third party applications like @MrTweet. It’s all good.

Some Twitter users disdain #FollowFriday altogether. Too much work, too time consuming, too silly. Some, like me, often end up on Friday morning, quietly appalled that Friday has rolled around again with the weight of making recommendations bearing down inexorably.

Social media experts, like @Scobleizer, predict the end of #FollowFriday as TwitterLists become more common and more accepted. And they may be right. Twitter Lists will let anyone recommend tweeple any time. 24/7. Twitter users will be able to find entire lists of people to follow easily–any day of the week.

In the meantime, today is Friday. Tomorrow is Halloween and here is my #FollowFriday list for October 2009. Sort of random and I’m sure I’ve overlooked people–but the folks I have included add value to my life, inspire me, teach me, make me laugh and keep me humble.

Enjoy. And, Happy Halloween!