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Feeling Complacent? Here’s How to Get Out of Your Social Media Comfort Zone

Every social media campaign hits a “comfortable” stage. This is the point where you’ve pretty much mastered how social media works and you’ve already managed to garner a respectable number of fans and followers.  Gone are the days of begging for likes, hustling for traffic, and stressing out about your next social media gimmick. Being [...]

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Your Measuring Efforts? As Important As Your Marketing Efforts!

             Guest Post by Katleen Richardson  Given the effort that most people put into their marketing strategy, it's surprising how few people know how to correctly assess how well that strategy is performing.  So many people just stab in the dark, trying one marketing ploy after another in seemingly random [...]

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Social Media Marketing Is More Than Facebook And Twitter.

This guest post is written by Michael Dolen, founder and CEO of the popular online forum, What’s social media? Most of us think of Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even LinkedIn. However there’s something else that falls into this category: forums/message boards. Because they’ve been around since the dawn of the internet, they’re not nearly as [...]

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