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Flipboard: The “Next Big Thing” for Public Relations

Are you using Flipboard yet? You should be. The digital social magazine app aggregates content from across the web and displays it in lush, four-color magazine format. You “flip” the pages as you scroll through magazines created around the topics that interest you. Entertaining. Impactful. Mobile. Flipboard was introduced to the marketplace in 2010 and [...]

Persuasion: 6 Principles That Power PR Success

What’s the difference between success and failure? More often than not, it’s the ability to persuade. In public relations, persuasion is a vital component of everything we do. Think about it. Building relationships, creating compelling content, managing crises, and reputations, media and blogger outreach, public speaking, sharing and connecting with social media, getting our colleagues, [...]

PR Is Facing Challenges, But They’re NOT Insurmountable!

Does the public relations industry face challenges? In a word, yes. Why? In part, because public perception of the role of PR ranges from a complete lack of understanding of what public relations is, to the idea that PR consists of nothing but creating “buzz” or “spin”… or worse. Like this. “Ironically, public relations has [...]

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Why Should Your Business Story Be In Google News?

Guest post by Tinu Abayomi-Paul There’s often so much focus on getting your site to rank in Google Web search that another route to more potential customers is frequently overlooked – Google News. Why Should Your Business Story Be In Google News? First, if you’re already trying to get noticed in other parts of Google, [...]

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