Use the Holidays to Build Creative Muscles!

Creativity is a muscle. Exercise it daily — if you only need to create once a week, your muscles may have atrophied if you don’t do it just because you don’t have to. Joel Falconer, Have you ever had one of those fabulous “aha!” moments at work? One of those times when the perfect idea [...]

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation. And Why I Love the Gig Economy…

Autumn is moving in; the days are slightly chillier, and, in Ohio, the school buses are busy transporting kids back to school. With Labor Day weekend behind us, I’m reminded of those odious essays we’d have to write upon returning to the classroom as a child: “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.” I remember thinking [...]

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Social Media Learning: Skinned knees and Cut Lips

Social media is exploding. In 2016 the number of Internet users in the U.S.  expanded to 286,942,362, representing more than 85.5 percent of the total population. "More than 40 million Internet users will go online exclusively via mobile device in 2017," according to "That number will reach, 52.3 million by 2021, as people continue to [...]

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6 Ways to Build Long-Term Influencer Relationships

It’s getting harder and harder to get attention these days. We’re all inundated with marketing messages, social updates, email and even boatloads of “snail mail.” We’re growing weary and cynical. Daily news of corporate blunders and celebrity missteps aren’t helping matters either. But we do still pay attention to people who matter to us. We [...]