“Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?” Crowdraising With Social Media.

UPDATE: We mailed a check for $1,645.65 to the Grendalee Alvarado Fund in Boston. I was so pleased and touched to learn that Splitzee generously donated back their fees to our fundraising effort. I have sent a handwritten note with the check and have printed out the comments people made with their donations so the [...]

Anyone Noticing Your Company’s Facebook Page Updates Now?

    The grumbling is growing. Marketers are getting frustrated that fans seem not to be noticing their Facebook page updates. For some, engagement seems to be lessening since Facebook introduced the Timeline format. This is anecdotal however. There is little data to support this now. Some surveys show increases in fan engagement. Some, like [...]

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Social Media Book Review: Brian Carter’s “The Like Economy”.

“I had harbored a theory—shared by others— that Facebook didn’t work. But I tested that theory and found profits instead.” Brian Carter, The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook STOP YOUR SEARCH! Brian Carter’s The Like Economy is just the book you have been looking for. And here’s why. As a society we appear [...]

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