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Social Media Learning: Skinned knees and Cut Lips

Social media is exploding. In 2016 the number of Internet users in the U.S.  expanded to 286,942,362, representing more than 85.5 percent of the total population. "More than 40 million Internet users will go online exclusively via mobile device in 2017," according to "That number will reach, 52.3 million by 2021, as people continue to [...]

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Flipboard: The “Next Big Thing” for Public Relations

Are you using Flipboard yet? You should be. The digital social magazine app aggregates content from across the web and displays it in lush, four-color magazine format. You “flip” the pages as you scroll through magazines created around the topics that interest you. Entertaining. Impactful. Mobile. Flipboard was introduced to the marketplace in 2010 and [...]

“Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?” Crowdraising With Social Media.

UPDATE: We mailed a check for $1,645.65 to the Grendalee Alvarado Fund in Boston. I was so pleased and touched to learn that Splitzee generously donated back their fees to our fundraising effort. I have sent a handwritten note with the check and have printed out the comments people made with their donations so the [...]

Feeling Complacent? Here’s How to Get Out of Your Social Media Comfort Zone

Every social media campaign hits a “comfortable” stage. This is the point where you’ve pretty much mastered how social media works and you’ve already managed to garner a respectable number of fans and followers.  Gone are the days of begging for likes, hustling for traffic, and stressing out about your next social media gimmick. Being [...]

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