Every social media campaign hits a “comfortable” stage. This is the point where you’ve pretty much mastered how social media works and you’ve already managed to garner a respectable number of fans and followers.  Gone are the days of begging for likes, hustling for traffic, and stressing out about your next social media gimmick.

Being in the social media comfort zone can be sweet and easy, and it gives you the chance to relax and bask in your online accomplishments.  However, staying in it for too long can lead to complacency and laziness, two things which almost always lead to failure. Avoid this by continuously striving to reach new accomplishments and by always working to take your business to the next level.

If you’re not sure how to do that, below are few ideas that can help take you to new social media heights.

Spice up your editorial calendar – Bust the monotony of your content strategy by doing away with the same old, bland blog posts that everyone else is doing. Think outside the box by writing something that will really get people to comment, discuss, and share. Why not take a stand on a controversial issue or offer up some constructive criticism towards other companies or people in your industry? If you’re not up for controversy, then consider doing a study on a given topic, and publish your data together with recommendations based on your findings. These types of things not only encourage conversation, they also get the attention of the press, which could potentially give you more exposure in the process.

Have giveaways and contests – Think giveaways are only for those that need more fans? Think again. Sure, conducting sweepstakes and promotions will get you new likes and followers, but on top of that, they’re very effective in “waking up” existing fans, as well. Giveaways and promotions keep things moving, and can successfully get you (and your fans) out of the boring comfort zone.  Contests can also serve as great funnels for fans. For instance, if you want people to go beyond your Facebook page and actually visit your website, then you can create a contest that involves leaving a comment on your blog or singing up for a newsletter.

Tag, mention, and promote – There’s nothing more boring than someone who talks about himself all the time. If you want to see your engagement level and fan count flat line, then keep doing that. But if you want users and other companies to look up and notice you, then use the tagging features of social sites to highlight other cool people and businesses in your industry. Search for companies in your field that complement what you do, and give them a shout-out. Often, brands that receive unexpected tags or mentions reciprocate with a thank you, and some even give back with a shout-out or promotion, giving you additional exposure in the process.

Get in front of the camera – Need a spike in your engagement levels?  Then getting in front of the camera and doing a video could be just what you need. Shake up your social media strategy by conducting webinars or Hangouts (if you’re on Google+). Doing so will not only allow you to show off your knowledge and expertise, it will also give you a chance to communicate directly with your customers and fans.

Francesca StaAna is from AdMedia, an online ad network that connects advertisers to consumers through a number of products including ad remarketing, affiliate programs, pay per click advertising, and more. For more info, check out  http://www.admedia.com
“Comfort Zone” image courtesy of C. G. P. Grey on Flickr