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Allen Mireles Marketing provides integrated marketing and social media solutions for businesses and organizations. Our services include:

Our Social Media Marketing Services include

Social Media Audits

A social media audit is a valuable first step for any organization considering integrating social media into their existing marketing efforts. Your social media audit includes a thorough review of your business goals and objectives, resources, business model, customers and prospects, industry and competitors.

The benefit of doing a social media audit is that you understand at the outset how social media tools are being used by your industry and competitors; where your customers and prospects can be found online and how they are using new media and social networks; what kind of buy-in you have from the management team; what resources you are able to allocate and which tools will help you achieve your business objectives.
Your social media audit includes an input session, written report with our findings and recommendations for next steps.

Social Media Monitoring

The foundation of any social media strategy is knowing what is being said, or not said, about your company and its personnel, products and services. Prior to embarking on the development of a social media strategy or the implementation of social media tactics, it is imperative that you listen to the online conversations about your brand.

Our Social Media Monitoring service includes introducing you to the free and paid monitoring services available today. Using the free tools, we will set up listening outposts for you and show you how to use them. We’ll also introduce you to some of the top paid monitoring services currently available online and review their features and benefits.

Social Media Strategy Development

Approaching social media marketing without a strategy, and particularly one that aligns with, and supports, your other marketing efforts, can lead to great frustration and unimpressive results.

Our social media strategy development service researches your industry, company, competitors, customers, prospects, existing marketing strategy and campaigns, stated business goals and objectives and your existing resources, as well as anything you are currently doing in the social media sphere, before developing a powerful strategy to help you use social media to accomplish your business goals.

Your social media strategy development includes an input session, presentation of written plan and ongoing consulting services as needed.

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Founded in 1993 in Ohio as Allen Mireles Marketing Communications, we specialize in developing practical digital marketing public relations solutions to help brands achieve their business goals.

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