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Tag: social media for business

Dell Earns Forrester Research’s Prestigious “Voice of the Customer” Award

As a social media consultant I have often cited Dell for its work in social media. This week, in the same week that Dell earned the prestigious “Voice of the Customer” award from Forrester Research, its social media team released “CAPtivating Conversation: Dell CAP Days Participants Speak Their Mind”; video of the participants in its inaugural Customer Advisory Panel.

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Google Seems to Have Misplaced My Facebook Fan Page—Have You Seen It Anywhere?

As a social media consultant, I have used my name as a search term to demonstrate that social networking sites come up early as search results.Until recently a search on my name in either Google or Yahoo produced the same results: my website and blog, my profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and my fledgling Facebook fan page for my social media consulting business. Earlier this week, while searching on my name in Google and Yahoo!, I realized my Facebook fan page did not come up in search results. What has changed?

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