image-of-jason-fallsI hired Allen to perform PR, marketing and social media activities for my Exploring Social Media Business Summit in Toledo, Ohio in May 2011. The event was an outstanding success and it was largely due to Allen’s hard work and contribution to the effort. She went above and beyond, securing media coverage and partnerships I hadn’t thought possible, was always willing to dig deeper and do more and was incredible to work with. Excellence is the word I think of when I think of Allen. She is excellent.  Jason Falls, social media expert and co-author of No Bullshit Social Media:  The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing

Image of Giovanni MarcantoniAllen Mireles’ advice on social media was very helpful and it’s evident that she knows what people are looking for and how the industry works. It shows great character that she would take time out of her day to help me, someone who is just starting out… Giovanni Marcantoni, founder/CEO, The Great American Bocce League INC.

image of Mike DriehorstI have worked for and with Allen Mireles on several projects, and count her as a friend and insightful professional colleague. She is knowledgeable about and uses a range of social media platforms. That along with previous experience in marketing and communications gives her the right combination of strategic perspective and tactical know-how to be a valuable resource for any business or organization. Mike Driehorst, president & founder, Diamond Communications

image of michael templeAllen is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met on Social Media marketing and Internet marketing. I have worked with Allen to found the Social Media Breakfast in Toledo. She has also served as a guest lecturer to my classes on Social Media Marketing. Her knowledge is very extensive and would be a fantastic asset to any business. Michael Temple, president, Temple Development Corporation

Allen is an excellent writer and enjoys researching new material that she is unfamiliar with. Allen is very current in her field and continually is researching what is new in the field of Marketing and Public Relations. She has helped me to deliver more value to my company and to help our company advance our goals. Mark W. Sherer, manager-Communications at Master Chemical Corporation

image of Laila WaggonerAllen provides expert marketing and public relations counsel and services. I always feel confident recommending Allen to others, because I know she will deliver great value and use her great experience to her clients’ advantage. I heartily recommend Allen! Laila Waggoner, partner/chief strategy officer at R/P Marketing Public Relations

Allen Mireles is incredibly smart and her work can be described in one word: AWESOME! Jered Michael Snyder, online brand manager, Home Dynamix


I have worked with Allen over the years to produce a large variety of materials for our company – the results have always been very successful. In the recent months we have hired Allen to produce case studies for our company. She is able to quickly come up to speed on the topic and produce a high quality case study which we then use in multiple mediums. Very successful. I have also learned a great deal about social media marketing from Allen who is a expert in this field. Laura Hill, principal, Breezy-Hill Marketing, LLC

image of john assarafAllen has provided our organization with an invaluable education and strategy on how to best use social media to achieve our business goals. Her knowledge, patience and efforts will go a long way with any company who is serious on using today’s latest and greatest social media tools to generate and convert prospects into paying customers. 
John Assaraf, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Answer and Having It All,

image of adrian ulshWe hired Allen to be our very own OneCoach social media expert and her guidance has been nothing short of phenomenal. I had the absolute honor and privilege of working one-on-one with Allen  for about 6 months and she coached me on everything from blogging to Twitter to Facebook. The results I’m now seeing are really exciting.

Allen specializes in helping business owners grow their business and teaches them how to position themselves as the “go to experts” in their industry through the use of social media. She knows the best methods and processes to use to take full advantage of all the hidden social media tips, tricks and strategies that help them to quickly bring in the bucks. Allen has been in involved in social media for several years and understands the power of social media marketing as a business growth strategy.

Allen was recently crowned one of “The Top 25 Very Smart Businesswomen to Follow on Twitter.” Her specialties include: • Developing and positioning the business owner as the expert in their industries • Driving traffic to the businesses websites • Building and establishing unprecedented trust • Teaching businesses how to respond instantly to customer complaints that appear on the web • Converting customers from client status into evangelists for their business • And how to meticulously monitor their reputations on the web… and what to do if your competition begins a disinformation campaign against you.

Allen offers coaching programs and seminars for businesses interested in gaining an immediate understanding of social media like we did… and how they can quickly use it to increase revenue. I have enjoyed working with her and learning from her and highly recommend her. Adrian Ulsh, CEO, Leader Publishing Worldwide

Image of Bill ChurchAllen is a sheer joy to work with. She has a charismatic attitude and approaches any problem with optimism.I am always amazed with the amount of knowledge that Allen has regarding social networking. She is one of a kind, and always finding different ways your business can be a success. She is results driven and by hiring Allen you are sure to take your business to the next level.  Bill Church, CEO of Dog Coach Magazine.

Image of Amy AhlersAllen is a fantastic PR and Marketing consultant and guru. She knows her stuff and is creative and wonderful to work with. Her knowledge in press release creation and implementation, Web 2.0, and marketing is top-notch. I highly recommend her. Amy Ahlers, CEO of Wake Up Call Coaching and The Women Masters Teleseminar Series

Allen is an expert on the uses of the new social media. She takes the time to educate her clients and is constantly searching for new ideas for implementing social media. She was extremely helpful to me is educating me on how to market my new book, The Naked Portfolio Manager . Highly recommended! Robert J. Fischer, CFP

image of wellington roemer IIIAllen is highly competent; energized; tuned-in to winning results for her client. A joy to work with; a PR pro with a solid fundamentals and a passion for “the brave new world” of internet-based marketing and PR. Hire her if you can – she stays busy! ¡Y ella habla Spanisfluido! Wellington Roemer, III, President / CEO at Wellington F. Roemer Insurance, Inc

I launched my sustainable building research and consulting firm in January 2008. I hired Allen in April 2008 to assist me with marketing -something I most definitely work at and she plays at. She has been incredibly helpful and insightful, guiding me through the marketing process, as I focus on firmly establishing and growing my company. Her ideas and suggestions have been invaluable, especially during this time of economic downturn -it’s the best time to market and she knows how to do it and does it extremely well. She is: creative and thinks “outside the box”, incredibly personable, extremely knowledgable and very trustworthy. I highly recommend Allen for anyone in need of a marketing expert to help grow their business. I personally look forward to a lasting relationship with Allen.  Sara Sweeney, CEO Ecovision, LLC, Instructor at Philadelphia University

Image of William BreseeAllen is an energetic and creative marketing professional. Her ability to learn and adapt content through interviews into publishable content is impressive. Allen is a great resource to help offload the complex tasks of Public Relations and Marketing. William Bresee, former VP Operations, Ingenix