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Social media is changing the world we live in every day. Could it help transform your business?

You’ve probably heard the term “social media” before, but even with all the buzz, you’re not quite sure what it really is… or why you need to know.

But you really can’t afford to ignore it anymore.

Hello, I’m Allen Mireles. Got a moment? Take a look at the video below, by Erik Qualman, author of the book,  “Socialnomics“. The numbers keep growing exponentially, and new social media are introduced almost daily, but the message of Social Media Revolution remains compelling. You need to understand how social media could impact your organization.

Social media isn’t the solution for every marketing and public relations problem, but its importance cannot be understated. As with newspapers, radio, and television before them, social media offers businesses a unique and distinctive marketing channel – and a powerful way to connect with their customers (and potential customers) where they’re spending time:

  • Facebook has more than 1.23 billion monthly active users
  • Twitter has over 241 million monthly active users
  • LinkedIn has also grown its user base –  to more than 259 million active users
  • More than two million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages
  • YouTube has over 1 billion monthly unique users (the second largest search engine in the world)
  • There are more than 3 billion video views on YouTube every 24 hours
  • Google Plus has 343 million monthly active users
  • Pinterest has 70 million unique monthly users–and growing strong!
  • Instagram has 150 million users

Maybe you’ve never used social media – or you’ve dabbled, but only to share family pictures with far-off friends, or watch the latest cat video going around.

Regardless, you’re not sure how these tools and networks can help you market and operate your business more effectively.

That’s where we come in.

How can we help you?

As integrated marketing strategists — and longtime specialists in social media marketing — we understand these powerful tools, and how brands are using them to do everything they do… even better. We focus on staying abreast of the changes in the technology and understand how these tools can help you meet your organization’s business objectives.

We can help you integrate social media into your existing marketing, public relations and customer service programs. We will show you how to:

  • Discover where – and how — your market spends time online
  • Listen to conversations people have about your industry online – and about your business!
  • Become a part of online conversations as a respected authority
  • Strengthen your brand in a noisy marketplace
  • Serve your customers more efficiently and thoughtfully day-to-day
  • Maximize your marketing and public relations budgets – and increase the agility of every aspect of your communications
  • Build and grow a loyal community of passionate users and advocates
  • Drive and achieve your key business goals

… and use this rapidly changing and evolving landscape to reach your business objectives.

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 Allen is an expert on the uses of the new social media. She takes the time to educate her clients and is constantly searching for new ideas for implementing social media. She was extremely helpful to me in educating me on how to market my new book. Allen is personable, creative and expert. I highly recommend her!

Robert J Fischer

Senior Vice President Smith Barney, Richmond, VA