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What They’re saying...

“Allen provides expert marketing and public relations counsel and services. I always feel confident recommending Allen to others, because I know she will deliver great value and use her great experience to her clients' advantage. I heartily recommend Allen!”
Laila Waggoner
Founder, Strategy for Hire

“I’ve known Allen for many years but only began working with her in 2019 when we were handed a unique opportunity that complemented her extensive skills. My team was grateful for Allen's support in strategic marketing, branding, writing, and PR. She delivered on time, on budget, and with impeccable quality and clarity. Bonus: she's fun and easy to work with — bringing a healthy attitude and humor to the table. Allen's superpower is to study, assimilate and grasp the nuances of the topics/industries/business logic that's thrown at her. Being such a "quick study" allows her to translate industry terminology into conversational and relatable language, making it accessible and easy to consume. She is a gifted wordsmith and editor and an excellent collaborator. It's my pleasure to recommend her.”
W. Gene Powell
President and Chief Creative Officer, SPOKE LLC

“I worked with Allen as co-founder of SonicJobs. We were eager to promote the vital work we were doing at SonicJobs at the time. She and her team obtained several valuable media placements for me and helped me prepare for the interviews and articles. Allen is a skilled writer and editor and an excellent collaborator. She is strategic and approaches her work with high energy and creativity, providing fantastic results. I enjoy working with her and recommend her enthusiastically.”
Francesca Boccolini
Growth Marketer, Uber

“Allen is a talented and versatile professional who seamlessly transitions from strategy to writing to leadership as the situation requires. She is an invaluable asset to any organization looking for senior marketing contributions at a high level of quality.”
Dirk Kneymeyer
CEO, SciStories

“I had the great pleasure of working with Allen a couple of times, most recently with Cision, a long-term client of mine. Allen was always thoughtful and strategic in the way she wrote custom content for us. She themed her efforts to meet our value proposition and individual campaign needs, all balanced with a great desire to rank well in our SEO efforts. She was flexible in her content direction and willing to adapt to changing strategies and priorities, making her one of the more agile writers/content strategists I have worked with... I highly recommend her!"
Geoff Livingston
Founder, Generative Buzz

“It’s a pleasure to work with Allen. She’s thorough and always eager to learn, especially when the topics are complex. She’s at her best when she can sink her teeth into a story about people."
Jess Baker
Head of Content & Editorial Strategy, O-I Glass

“I've worked with Allen since 2001, when she wrote the mission statement for one of my earlier businesses. I turn to Allen for expert counsel and direction in marketing, public relations, and social media. She is highly experienced, trustworthy, and honest (almost to a fault!) Allen has a gift for quickly translating technical concepts and industry jargon into information my customers can easily understand and respond to. Her writing is effective and has helped me generate new leads, fill my sales pipeline, and introduce new products and services. I highly recommend Allen.”
Tim Cole
Founder and CEO Eco Partners