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About AI

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are tearing up the world, unleashing tools and solutions that will transform lives and our professions.

The speed with which developers introduce new technologies is dizzying.

It’s exciting. Scary. And a bit overwhelming.

But what it isn’t is a replacement for human creativity, humor, or analytical thinking.


As marketers and content creators, we must use AI responsibly, experiment with new technologies to operate even more efficiently and effectively—and disclose how we employ these new tools.

We use a collection of AI technologies to:

Like so many, we are playing with Chat GPT and other tools to learn and grow, staying abreast of this exciting new technological wave.

However, we are not using generative AI to create content.

That remains the province of the human being.

For now. 

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Allen Mireles Consulting, LLC

Founded in 1993 in Ohio as Allen Mireles Marketing Communications, we specialize in developing practical digital marketing public relations solutions to help brands achieve their business goals.

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