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About Allen Mireles

Who am I?

I am a writer. A storyteller. A strategist and communicator with insatiable curiosity, an ear for language, and an affinity for technology.

I am a Marketing PR consultant, an experienced and versatile writer, and content creator who draws heavily on her traditional and digital Marketing PR background. I have proven results in creating strategy and content that moves the needle on business goals.

I combine more than 25 years of experience in traditional marketing and public relations with social media expertise, practicality, and humor to help my clients understand how to use digital marketing, public relations, and content creation to meet business objectives. I’m also proficient in Spanish and an avid reader.

As a content creator, I take dry, industry jargon-laden content and bring it to life—making it compelling, persuasive, and accessible. I have successfully strengthened market presence, driven web traffic, and created online buzz for clients in various business sectors.

I develop strategies and create B2B content, including whitepapers, case studies, articles, social media content, blog posts, and video scripts for companies in healthcare, healthcare tech, manufacturing, and sustainability.

In addition to my work with Allen Mireles Consulting, my experience includes roles in both public relations and advertising agencies, on-air positions in radio and television, fundraising, editing, and writing.

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Allen Mireles Consulting, LLC

Founded in 1993 in Ohio as Allen Mireles Marketing Communications, we specialize in developing practical digital marketing public relations solutions to help brands achieve their business goals.

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