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Building an ISO Class 7 cleanroom in a historical building

Industry article:

This piece in “Cleanroom Technology” discusses the work required to add an ISO Class 7 biopharma cleanroom space to an existing building in Cambridge, MA. Factor Bioscience consulted many to achieve the ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

Prince George’s County EOC


Case Study:

Diversified uses case studies extensively to illustrate the benefits of its full range of services.

In this case study, the Prince George’s County EOC hired Diversified to create a design for enterprise-based video and control systems that would scale and interconnect with endpoints such as PCs, encoders, IP cameras, network video recorders (NVR) and other facilities and systems on the same network.

The case study details the final project’s technical specifications and success.

Moving on. Starting Over.


Medium Article:

It turns out that moving across the country and reimagining your life is not a small thing. But we did it. We are doing it.

And we’re learning new things every day.

Successfully Leverage ABM to Engage Healthcare Organizations

Case Study:

As an experienced and established healthcare tech marketing firm, Breezy Hill Marketing understands the pillars of inbound marketing. In addition, it has deep experience developing and implementing strategic and highly effective campaigns in HubSpot.

The PatientBond case study tells the story of a highly successful client/agency relationship using data-driven digital ABM strategies and tactics.

Factor Bioscience Successfully Defends mRNA Gene Editing Patent


Press Release:

This was a really important win for the company when it happened. The press release details Factor Bioscience’s successful defense of its mRNA gene editing patent against a challenge mounted by a Russian counterpart.

Factor garnered excellent coverage in the industry media for this successful outcome., including mentions in several leading industry media. “The successful defense of this patent comes on the heels of our recent U.S. patent covering methods for producing gene-edited cells using mRNA encoding transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs),” said Dr. Angel.

Innovative O-I Glass Helps Bacardi Build on Sustainability Mission


Industry Article:

O-I collaborated with Bacardí on designing and producing a limited-edition bottle of BACARDÍ® Carta Blanca to celebrate its commitment to a sustainable future. The news story, first published on, was also published on

Addressing Alert and Alarm Fatigue in Hospitals and Health Systems


This whitepaper addresses the challenges caused by alert and alarm fatigue in hospital and healthcare settings. It focuses on the impact on nurses. The whitepaper was used effectively as a lead gen tool to promote demos of the company’s clinical communications platform (CCP.)

Back to Basics: HIPAA-Compliant Texting


Corporate Blog Post:

How secure and compliant are your providers’ communications?

Today’s clinicians operate in an increasingly mobile healthcare environment. Under pressure to communicate vital health information quickly, providers often revert to texting using their mobile devices—whether or not there’s a bring-your-own-device policy.

Texting is fast and convenient, but it may not be HIPAA-compliant and could expose a patient’s sensitive health information.

Making Mistakes and “Deliberate Mistakes” in Business


Linkedin Article:

We’re all under pressure these days. And we make mistakes. Sometimes, though, that’s not such a bad thing.

I wrote this article for a client’s blog about making mistakes in business and moving beyond the actual mistake to learning from it.

Accelerating Top-Line Profits Through Integration



This was a whitepaper written for a presentation by a senior member of Diversified US leadership. The topic addresses the drive by many brands to become known as “digital-first” in the marketplace.

“Embracing a digital-first approach requires an open review of the existing business structure and a thorough evaluation of what is working, what needs to be revised, and where growth opportunities exist. It also requires a solid understanding of the customer journey from the inside and outside of the market segment. “

Franklin Kostas, Associate Scientist


Case Study:

This case study tells the story of Franklin Kostas’ contributions to Factor Bioscience as an associate scientist at a pivotal time in Factor’s growth and development. The case study was included in the Factor print and online technology catalog.

7 EcoHacks to Treat Every Day Like Earth Day


Corporate Blog Post:

Creating a sustainable lifestyle might seem monumental, but it’s easier to manage when you think about making small changes.

This post was published on the blog.

The Virtualization of the OR and Disruption of the Medical Device Industry



This whitepaper was a project for the Diversified US Medical Innovation Group (MIG.) The challenge was to write a whitepaper introducing the MIG’s CORIS Product Family to a C-suite-level audience. The project was completed in a compressed timeframe and was enthusiastically received by its CSuite audience.

Medpace Donation to Matthew 25: Ministries Funds Delivery of Relief Supplies to Ukraine


Press Release:

Press releases still have value. They can generate attention and, at times, help garner publicity. In this case, the press release did both.

In March 2022, Medpace, a full-service Clinical Research Organization headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, issued a press release announcing its donation to Matthew 25 Ministries in support of Ukraine.

For Marta Mamelka-Potts, Glassmaking ‘Feels Like Home’


Corporate Blog Post:

For Marta Mamelka-Potts, the very sounds and smells of glassmaking are familiar and comforting. Marta is a Continuous Improvement Leader for the Rocky Mountain Bottle Company, a joint venture between Molson Coors and O-I Glass in Colorado.

Her background is steeped in glassmaking, and her childhood memories are filled with visits to Huta Szkła Wymiarki, a glassmaking plant in western Poland where she grew up and where both her parents worked.

Eight Evidence Based Strategies to Reduce Clinician Burnout



This whitepaper delves into the causes of clinician burnout, a fast-growing reality across healthcare, and provides eight strategies to reduce clinician burnout. The whitepaper was used as a lead gen tool to increase product demos.

Monica Pacheco’s Humble Approach to Leadership Through Learning


Corporate Blog Post:

O-I highlights its people, using storytelling effectively to provide a full sense of the company. O-I’s Global Glass Science Engineer, Monica Pacheco’s story is inspiring. This piece was published on

The first thing that strikes you when you meet Monica Pacheco is her enthusiasm for her work and the process of converting raw materials to glass packaging. Her face lights up as she describes her trajectory from her early student days in Colombia to her internship with O-I Glass and her first job after graduation. After that, she moved to Batch and furnace Manager and then to the regional Glass Science team. Eventually, she would lead that team.

Colorado Brewery’s Glass Recycling Program Grows into Larger Partnership with City of Greeley


Corporate Blog Post:

When Jeff Crabtree started a glass recycling program at his brewery in Greeley, Colorado, he had no idea how popular it would become.

Crabtree Brewing’s recycling program and how it has spurred a larger public-private partnership between the brewery, the City of Greeley, Anderson Sales and Salvage, and O-I Glass. The piece was published on

Making the Case for a Clinical Communication Platform



This whitepaper defines the mission-critical nature of tools facilitating real-time communication, team coordination, community clinician collaboration, and ease of use.

It also documents physicians’ need for robust mobile clinical ecosystems, networks, and cloud hosting to support accelerated patient care.

Factor Bioscience Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Grand Opening of ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts


Press Release:

This press release announced Factor Bioscience’s tenth anniversary on September 9, 2021, with the grand opening of its new ISO Class 7 cleanroom facility at its headquarters near Inman Square.

The new facility allows Factor and its strategic partners to produce advanced mRNA, gene-editing, andcell therapyy products for all phases of clinical development.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Healthcare’s Secret Weapon

Corporate Blog Post:

This blog post published on discusses multidisciplinary collaboration as the foundation for the healthcare delivery system of tomorrow.

Finding the Real Dollars in Wellness Programs



Organizations with workplace wellness programs often struggle to identify how and where these programs reduce health-related costs and increase employee behaviors, contributing to the company’s bottom line.

This whitepaper details the importance of showing show year one, or early-stage, ROI for workplace wellness programming, providing a snapshot of wellness programming and its benefits, and illustrating the benefits and cost savings realized in corporate wellness programs.

‘Recycle for Pennsylvania’ Makes Glass Recycling Easy


Corporate Blog Post:

There are more than 400 liquor licenses in Erie County, Pennsylvania. But in 2016, commercial recycling programs stopped collecting glass; it was dropped from curbside recycling in 2018.

Prism Glass Recycling of Erie estimates that the county sends roughly 7,000 tons of glass to landfills annually.

The new Recycle for Pennsylvania program is bridging the gap to keep glass out of the trash and in the manufacturing stream.

Thought Leadership on a Real Ship


LinkedIn Article:

The Cella networking event aboard the Stad Amsterdam Clipper ship featured Ann Handley as a speaker and pun-encourager. It was a good time and worth every moment.

#networking #event #ThoughtLeadershipEvent #Boston #RandstadClipper #cella #puttingpassiontowork #EverybodyWrites #AnnHandley

Children’s Colorado: One of the Largest Pediatric Hospitals in the United States


Case Study:

This case study details QGenda’s work with Children’s Colorado, one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the country. The hospital has more than 3,000 pediatric specialists with 19 departments.

The case study details the benefits of implementing QGenda, including streamlined scheduling across the enterprise, access to previously unavailable data, time savings across 19 departments, reallocation of FTEs, physician satisfaction with ease of use, and mobile accessibility. The piece was used as gated content for lead generation.

Iron Maiden-Branded Beer Gets Seal of Approval From Band in Visit With O-I Team


Corporate Blog Post:

This story describes a visit to a Brazilian brewery and the ensuing results.

What would you do if the heavy metal band Iron Maiden visited your brewery?

That happened when the band visited Brazilian brewery Bodebrown with members of the O-I Glass team to taste a new Iron Maiden-branded brew.

Global Works Helps Top Orthopaedics Group


Case Study:

Global Works support helped Resurgens overcome one of the toughest challenges clinics face in implementing an EHR — driving physician acceptance of the new technology.

Global Works believes that clinical users can overcome their resistance and succeed when they understand how the EHR can be tailored to suit their needs.

Jasmine Harris, Associate Scientist


Case Study:

This case study tells the story of Jasmine Harris’ contributions as an associate scientist at Factor Bioscience. The case study was included as part of the company’s technology catalog.

Global Works Systems Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure:

Global Works Systems operated in the healthcare information technology sector and was acquired by GE Healthcare’s Ingenix.

Global Works was my client for more than ten years. They used this corporate brochure for business development.