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Graphic Design

Graphic design has never been more critical.

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This has become increasingly true in today’s digital marketplace, where visual communications compete with the written word.

Incorporating excellent graphic design and powerful images in your marketing helps your business stand out and sets you apart from your competitors.

Does your company’s logo work well? Is your marketing collateral memorable and distinctive?

How about that trade show booth? Does it represent your brand effectively?

Our award-winning graphic designer, Jesse Mireles, is internationally recognized. His work has been included in some of the most prestigious design publications.

His graphic design draws and holds attention among a sea of visuals — online and offline.

Jesse Mireles specializes in designing:

Visit for Jesse Mirele’s online design portfolio. Visit to see his visual arts portfolio.

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Allen Mireles Consulting, LLC

Founded in 1993 in Ohio as Allen Mireles Marketing Communications, we specialize in developing practical digital marketing public relations solutions to help brands achieve their business goals.

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