The other night I was immersed in my work when my 17 year old came into the office. One look at his face told me it was an emergency. And it was. He had just learned of the murder of one of his friends.


He was devastated.


What I find disturbing is that he found out about her death from a member of the media who “friended” him on Facebook as a means of getting background information for the story she was putting together.


The facts of the killing are sensational and deeply disturbing so it should come as no surprise that the story was, and is, being covered by the press.


I read articles and blog posts all the time detailing the use of social media and social networking by the press today. It makes sense. What better place to look for story ideas or background information?


But I say that in reference of my own use of social media, which is largely for business. I have no problem being friended by a member of the press–actually encourage that and work to develop such relationships in case I can provide background or offer story ideas. I just never considered that for my child and find myself wondering about it.


I’m not sure the reporter was wrong. But I’m also not sure she was right and it troubles me.


What’s your take on this?

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