I love the Dell XPS 13. For me, the light weight and small size make it ideal for travel. I can pop it into my handbag and take off. It’s pretty enough to qualify as an accessory (and the platinum color goes with everything). And I’m only partially kidding when I say this…

What do I love about the Dell XPS 13? Everything.

When Dell asked me to review the XPS13 Ultrabook, I smiled to myselffor several reasons.* First of all, I am currently working happily on a MacBook Pro. Second of all, I am no geek. So any review I provide will be heavy on the “it’s so shiny and beautiful” and a touch light on the anything-else-that-geeks-look-for kind of observations. I smiled as I replied that I would be delighted to write a review, and then privately wondered if the trial would lure me back to the Windows platform.

The initial presentation was heart stopping and included a unique graphic with my name in the header. Nice touch, that. The packaging felt luxurious, and the computer itself sat inside, placidly shining, sure of its beauty and sleek sexiness. Opening it provided a moment of humor since it came with some DVD’s that one cannot insert anywhere (it has no DVD drive) and it took me a few moments and a phone call to work that out. What can I say? I’m conditioned to see DVD’s in packaging and make certain assumptions.

Booted it up and within moments I was back in the Windows saddle and happily installing programs, tweeting and updating my social profiles. Behaving as I usually do while working. I typically have 1001 tabs open at any given moment because I follow the online breadcrumbs I uncover in a search. Using the Dell XPS 13 with 1001 tabs open (ok, perhaps not quite that many) seems to work well, and I have no complaints about the speed with which the windows open.

I wasn’t sure how the smaller screen would feel (I am, after all, a “woman of a certain age,” and find myself struggling to see as clearly as I did at 17) but have found myself adjusting to it without issue. The touch pad seems perfectly functional; the keys are firm to the touch and responsive. Is there a down side to this beautiful little machine? I haven’t found one yet. I would, and do, highly recommend this little computer for anyone who relishes the thought of tossing a light weight but powerful machine into their bag of tricks. The aesthetics are just a side benefit.

image of Dell XPS 13 on desktopOh? Did you want the technical details too?

Dell XPS13

  • Carbon fiber base: the carbon fiber’s high strength-to-weight ratio makes the XPS 13 remarkably light
  • Keeps its cool: the carbon fiber base feels cooler, so you do, too
  • Available with second generation Intel ® Core i7™ processors
  • Battery lives up to eight hours and 53 minutes
  • Intel Smart technology keeps everything updated even in sleep mode
  • Bps in seconds thanks to a solid state drive and Intel® Rapid Start technology
  • The precision-cut aluminum lid is as durable as it is stunning.
  • Specifically engineered to create the ultimate in portability.
  • Edge-to-edge Corning® Gorilla® Glass: A tough yet brilliant 13.3″ screen in a compact form similar to an 11″ laptop
  • Backlit keyboard & glass touchpad: type with ease, even in dim light. Navigate intuitively via integrated button touchpad with gesture support

According to a review written by Edgard Hilario, additional business-friendly features for the Dell XPS 13 include:
• Dell ProSupport is available for Dell business customers and provides end users and IT professionals with various remote and on-site technical support for complex hardware and software needs that include access to ProSupport specialists.
• Trusted Platform Module (TPM) offers user and machine security with BitLocker Data Encryption for network-based client computing.
• Coming later this year: Configuration Services include customizing BIOS settings, loading an image, and applying asset tags before shipping, streamlining the process of deploying XPS 13 systems to employees wherever they may be located while ensuring consistency throughout the IT environment.
In short, this is a lovely, powerful little machine. Perfect for someone who needs something light weight but not ditzy; powerful enough to get the job done yet beautiful enough to make it look easy. And it goes with almost every outfit.

Has it won me over? Almost…I play both sides now. 😉

Thank you to Dell for the opportunity to test and review the Dell XPS 13. I am enjoying the experience and recommend the XPS 13 heartily.

Apologies to anyone who is looking for a more technical approach. However, take heart: there are boatloads of those reviews out there.

image of dell xps 13 and coffee cupFinal note: Ladies? The Pinterest boards show up beautifully on this screen. And there you have it.

*As a member of the inaugural Dell Consumer Advisory Panel (DellCAP), I was given the Dell XPS 13 I have reviewed in this post.


Allen Mireles is president of Allen Mireles Marketing, an integrated marketing and social media consultancy in Toledo, Ohio. You can find Allen on Twitter.